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Plymouth High School
Class of '69
Plymouth, Michigan

Welcome to the Plymouth High School class of 1969 website.   This website was Mark Carson's brainchild, and he has spent countless hours organizing and putting together this site.  We hope that you will spread the word to any and all of the classmates you still are in contact with, and have them check into the site.  We hope that you will add your E-mail address on the address page, so that other classmates can contact you and share memories.

After all these years, it is so rewarding to engage the connections of our past.  Some of us have traveled the world, while others, made roots closer to Plymouth.  Both choices add spice to our lives.  We have had experiences that may be able to assist former friends and classmates with a recent trial they are facing.  As we are in our 60’s now, (remember when we thought that was really old) some of us are thinking of retiring, maybe relocating to a new area or traveling.  Wouldn't it be fun to stop in and make a new-old friend?

We would love to have anyone post information so that we can share each other's joys and sorrows.  This is something that you can help with, to keep us current with each other.  You would be very surprised how interested classmates are about what each other is up to.  It may seem, to you, to be very mundane, but it is new and fresh to others.  (Yes, I am the one person alive that really enjoys the letters people put in their Christmas cards to update friends on the happenings in their lives.)

If you want to just send information to me I would be glad to help add it to our website.  My E-mail address is still  Use it.  We'd love to hear from you!

Barbara Overholt Toth

Thanks so much to Barb Overholt Toth and Karry Eckles Lancaster and all others who have served on Class Reunion organizing committees.  Their hard work and perseverance has made this whole thing possible.  Also, a great big "Thank You" to Guy Arnold who took the time to scan our Plythean and send it to me on CD so that I could get all your pictures for the following pages.

This site will be continually updated as classmates begin to send information.  If you would, please send recent photos to me in digital format or send pictures to me at my home address.  Send me an email and I will get that address to you.  Also, please feel free to write a brief synopsis of what's been going on in your life since graduation.  If you have suggestions for this site let me know by email.

Mark Carson

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