Gone But Not Forgotten

It is with a sense of sadness that we dedicate this page of our website to the memories of those classmates who are no longer with us.  May the memories they shared with many of us be forever engraved in our hearts.  They will always be a part of the Class of '69.

David Bales

Dennis Becker

Guy Carlson

Thomas Clixby

Bill Cochrane

Richard Conley

David Dickerson

David Duke 

Janet Eddy
Joan Flack

Karen Frederick
Robert Freeman 

Douglas Fritz

Debbie Gill  

Linda Gondek
Milt Gross

Donald Gullekson

Mary Hayes

Thomas Hicks

Lonnie Holland 

Nancy Horn

Kathy Hurtik 

Robert Jackson

Thomas Jewell
Timothy Kazen 

Mike Ketchum 

Linda Kime

Jerry Latham 

David Lewis

Linda Manley

Andrew McCord

Mark McGraw

William McGarry

Richard Oury

Patricia Park

Douglas Parks

Dennis Regal 

Carolyn  Rithcey

Art Rocco

Charles Schweim

Tina Sobczynski

Sandra Seagar

Jill Souder

Nancy Smith

Wayne Steinke

Kim Stevens

Thayne Stroschein 

Kim Springel

Chris Taylor

Bill Tobey

Ken Toth

Vicky Wilson

Craig Vincent
     ** Also note that we have lost the following PHS '69 classmates but do not have a senior picture of them:  Debra Brady, Dale Brousseau, Brian Cavell, Bruce Counts, Donna Feister, Ralph Gutierrez, Bruce Hargrove, Roxanne Keith, Dennis Mills, Jeff Skoglund  and Brian Standard.

May the Memories you left behind Live in our hearts Forever...

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