Glad to see the website up and running.  What a wonderful thing you and Barb have accomplished.  I sent photographs of our last reunion to Karry Lancaster.  I don't know if she still has them.  They were 4x6 color prints.  I can't recognize everyone in the photographs but ID badges are visible in some.  I still get the yearbook out from time to time and look it over.  I got much better at photography after high school having pursued an unsuccessful career as a commercial photographer while living in Chicago.  In the end I just wasn't cut out to be a photographer.  I have a normal job now doing field service for Siemens Medical Solutions.  I have been in this field since 1980.  I went to a community college starting in 1978 and earned a two year degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and went to work for Philips Medical Systems.  I returned to the Detroit area in 1986 and have worked for Siemens ever since.
I married a girl from Chicago and my children were born in Park Ridge, Illinois.  I have a 21 year old son who is attending U of M and a 19 year old daughter who is attending Michigan State.


Guy Arnold

If we can get the pictures we will certainly get them on the website.  mc

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